Monday, November 8, 2010

Always Lessons to be Learnt...

I'm one to make silly mistakes, and probably tonight is a shining example of making mistakes whilst under pressure. 

Recently I have been giving the title of Commander: Flight Squadron. Basically i'm the FC for our corp. To those that have never been given the role of FC… believe me its hard… especially with the few leadership skills that I have (to which I'm learning currently). 

Tonight I decided to lead a few corp mates through a roam around New Eden. I decided that I wanted to have at least Cruiser size and up. Are Cee would be the tackle in his Stabber, with Salvadia being in his Megathron. Myself? I decided that I would go ECCM/EWAR with the Scorpion. 

[High Slots]
1x Large EMP Smartbomb I
1x Large Remote Armor Repair System II
4x XT-900 Cruise Launcher

[Medium Slots]
1x Sensor Booster II
1x ECM - Ion Field Projector II
2x ECM - Multispectral Jammer II 
1x ECM - Spatial Destabilizer II 
1x ECM - White Noise Generator II 
1x 100mn MicroWarpdrive I
1x ECM - Phase Inverter II

[Low Slots] 
1x Damage Control II 
1x 1600mm Reinforced Rolled Tungsten Plates I
2x Signal Distortion Amplifier II

[Rig Slots]
1x Large Particle Dispersion Augmentor I
1x Large Particle Dispersion Projector I 

5x Hammerhead

Caldarri Paradise Cruise Missile

I have been looking at this fit for a while. It may not give the DPS like a Megathron, but it can help the field by jamming the enemy. EWAR is something that I would look to use more often, and I have a plan currently set up for a rook and a falcon with Black Ops. 

I decided that I would go for this fit, and hope that myself and Salvadia could spider tank each other with the RR's.

Going through systems near placid, we ran into a few people but we could not find a single player that wanted to play with us. Maybe its true what they say about Low-Sec; its dead, and nobody wants to play… with many people taking to alliance battles in null. 

Anyway after dragging the two around some of the systems near Placid, I decided to head near Lonetrek. A place that was familiar to DFND. Torrinos, a system within the region leads to Pure Blind region held by FCON and the NC, to which we were a part of. 

Still nothing was around, and I decided to head into Nikishina in the Citadel Region. 

Two were in local. I gave the order to check the belts. Curse on scan. The race was on. 

Took me a few minutes of tracking this guy down, and warping to different parts of the system checking on belts and planets. Eventually I managed to find him off the gate leading into our next system on route. The guy was a pirate, and had a sec of -9.9. I got the fleet to warp in, and the decision to engage was sent out. He must of been AFK, and didn't think anyone would be foolish enough to try it with the gate guns. 

I instantly jammed him to make sure that he wouldn't fire when he got back. And we popped him within less than a minute. The call then went out to get the pod, and in the next few seconds he was no longer. One more pirate safely out of harms way for a while. And I bagged the Corpse… I felt I deserved it for being the FC ;) 

I would love to end this blog by saying that the 130mill was the only casualty, or that more had lost out to our hands. But sadly no… And guess who got the bullet…

Yup myself… but believe me I would rather put myself on the line, then lose a ship. 

A jump out on our way to our next destination, we were being followed by two pirates. And they seemed keen on taking us on. The two were using a Typhoon and a Loki respectively. The Loki instantly engaged Sal, with the Typhoon trying to lock me. Me and Are Cee managed to get out, with Sal following us not long after. 

With the Loki not being able to jump for acts of aggression; I decided to take on the Typhoon in the next system. I locked on, and instantly jammed the bastard. I called for Sal to armor rep me, as I knew the Loki would come to the Typhoon's aid. And sure enough he jumped through, and instantly locked onto me as primary.

You would think with one Multispectral Jammer on the Typhoon, I could target the Loki, and try using a racial jammer. It would have helped… but me and my ego, decided to try and burn the Typhoon first, and deal with the Loki later. Remembering later it was Tech III. Duuuh!

And as soon as he (the typhoon) was down to half armor, I got the sound I didn't want to hear. I was going into structure. I had moments left. At that point, I could have still tried to target the Loki, to give me a few seconds to get out… but I was more concerned trying to spam warp out. Boom! 

Mistakes… I guess we all make them. And in this case it cost me 65mill. I managed to get the pod out, and both Are Cee and Salvadia came out with both of their ships intact. I couldn't care myself. I can afford the ISK. 

Well at least I know for next time, what to do and what not to do. But the good news is that in terms of ISK. The ratio of what we Damaged to what we lost… or I lost. Still favored us. And I think that is something good to take away from this… that I can lead a fleet capable of damaging ships of high calibre like a curse. And that from a simple mistake, I know what to do next time in that kind of situation. 

Hopefully next time, I will be posting more fleet ops with greater success :) 

Fly Dangerous New Eden… 

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