Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fun and Games with CCP...

Tirelessly sitting through the Extended-Downtime period...

In the past 10-11 months of playing the game, I have seen a few things. I have see titans take battle in 0.0 in a bid to see which alliance can claim Sovereignty. Epic battles that have resulted not only in my eventual podding, but have claimed a couple of nice KM's on the way.  However...

But when I saw this from my corp mate (Baruchiev), we both laughed, and I thought how impressive some of the developers are at CCP. I believe that this is truly special... 

Contradiction to what I have said in my previous blog questioning about why there seems to be a lack of stringent testing in Tyrannis 1.1. Its fantastic to see how much CCP cares about the game. They are even willing to risk their own ships and skills to take part in an epic battle, all in the name of testing the load of the server (or one particular node). To which it eventually led to two employees being podded.

For those that don't know, Northern Coalition headed by the formidable RAZOR and R.A.G.E & co., have been attacking the Russians over in the Drone Regions, especially Legion of xXDEATHXx. And LXQ2 is where it has all been happening.

So when testing the epic amount of over 3,000 pilots in local, it was great to know that they can use the data to test for Incursion coming out soon! And hopefully get rid of this pesky problem of Lag during big fleet battles.

Something that when out in Null-Sec with the FCON Alliance and Northern Coalition, I felt a big problem. Everyone in EVE knows that the bigger the fleet, the more lag it can produce. Personally a huge annoyance, and one that I hope Incursion can help reduce. 

Oh and the impressive fact of this related news: one of the employees name CCP Atlas who got podded; had his corpse sold on the market for an impressive 5bill ISK. Now that would be a fantastic corpse to have in the trophy case. I envy the bastard that has that.

Somethings that are... small can surprise us all :)



  1. Look forward to seeing where your blog goes.


  2. Keep it up :D


  3. CCP must have been in just regular ships to get podded. I stole one of their geddon's in 0.0 once and that thing one shot carriers =D