Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Extended DT and Patches...

Now being an Englishman in New Zealand, I tend to get teased for always complaining. But in life I find that we have to complain; put it simply… its human nature. 

Everyone complains, it doesn't matter who you are! And in New Eden, capsuleers should be no different. Although EVE Online is a great game to play; its simply human nature to complain.

As I write this, most of EVE's players are waiting for 1.2 of Tyrannis to be released into the system, so we can carry on our endless ganking of pilots, to reach the pinnacle of the Killboards. 

A reminder: CCP Spitfire wrote (29.10.2010): 

EVE Online: Tyrannis 1.2 will be deployed this Tuesday, November 2, 2010. Tyrannis 1.2 features the transition to 64-bit inventory system, updates to the API system and a number of fixes to the user interface.
The deployment process will begin at 05:00 UTC and is expected to be completed at 16:30 UTC.

But as I read this over and over again; I can't help recall the past few months since Tyrannis has been released, and think: "Its about bloody time!!!" Sorry for informality of that sentence. But when you think about it, its not far from the truth to most pilots hearts. 

In the past month or so we have seen 6 additional "optional" patches to the fabled 1.1 Tyrannis patch. And in terms of epic fails, I can put this one up there at the top. Its harsh but true, but bear with me. 

The patches have seen our User Interface being butchered, making it harder to PvP or Mine. Reports from one IT Alliance FC, mentions how he couldn't de-cloak, bubble and approach with his Sabre like he used to. En-masse pilots have endlessly complained, and its a firm belief that something needed to be done earlier, not whilst we sit here now.

I note, the usual joke on the EVE forums of: "Setting Gallente Titan V to the skill queue" are quite common still now. 

Although I have mentioned it as an Epic Fail (which true), at least CCP is out there to fix it. And it shows how dedicated they are to the pilots of New Eden, pilots who drive to achieve the best in the game. In the end of the day the game is not perfect; if it was, we wouldn't have to sit through patches, and everyone would be playing. 

I will still enjoy the game regardless of what the patch turns out like. Because in the end of the day, EVE Online is a fantastic game, that extends the intelligence beyond the Hackers seen in Modern Warfare II. Or the immaturity of little kids playing Bad Company 2. 

But an obvious question still has to be asked? Why has it taken 6 "optional" patches to eventually culminate to this night/day (depending on where you are) of Extended DT? Speaking as a University Student studying Information Systems, it is poor programming. Whatever angle you look at, these patches have been pretty much fix one problem, create 10 others. And whats worse is that two of those were emergency patches, and one patch failed. In what universe can this be deemed appropriate for  a game rated highly as EVE. Something should have been done sooner... 

Surely CCP testing involves stringent processes of crossing every "t" and dotting every "i"? Yet we all sit here wondering why it takes CCP hours to revert basically back to where it was before 1.1, plus or a minus a few new bits, that may cause new problems. 

I can't help think that this could be a little bit of desperation to make the pilots happy before Incursion arrives in less than a month. Something that must be in the back of CCP's head; a sense of worry possibly? 

Again as I said before some of these fixes in the patch could not of come sooner. I personally haven't been a fan of logging into my client often, to have to instantly sort out my Overview or my chat windows that have been disorganized. As well as some of my modules not being online whilst in space or even weapons ungrouped.

And so ends my rant on this.

I will say something before I end it quite there… I know that not everything is perfect. I know that I myself aren't. But sometimes you have to complain to get things of your chest. Believe me when I say that I will still support CCP and EVE and paying my Subs regardless... I just feel that this needed to be said. 

Discussions and Comments? Believe me, I can ensure that all of New Eden has something to say about this! Had I not want to bore most of the readers further; I could of gone further on in my discussion. But to be honest, I rather hear the opinions of others. 

First time blog! And hopefully this DT won't over extend... again... Possibility of free SP from CCP as compensation?

Jannear - Defenders of Sovereignty

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